Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Domino Designer Search vs. EZ Notes Search: Designer

What's the main difference to the user? Time!

EZ Notes Search can search one or more templates (and all their design elements) as fast as you can type since it relies on the Microsoft Windows search engine. 

Domino Designer Search scans each design element you want to search after you specify which ones you want to search.  If you start the search again, it will rescan each item again.  To speed things up, the user has to spend time deciding how to restrict what will get scanned.

To illustrate the difference we did a test on a Microsoft Windows 7 Hyper-V instance with IBM Lotus Domino Designer 8.5.  Our test template was the Mail85.ntf. We searched for "NamePreference".  Here is the dialog which appears while the search is ongoing:

the search took 85 seconds to complete.  We then searched for "LanguagePreference" and that took 85 seconds to complete as well. (Your performance may vary).

EZ Notes Search: Designer took less than 1 second to perform the search. 

If you want to search more than one template, the times are additive for Domino Designer Search.  So if you have two copies of mail85.ntf and want to search both at once, it would take roughly twice that amount of time.  EZ Notes Search would still take on the order of a 1 second to do the search.

So if you want to quickly find something, please try EZ Notes Search: Designer:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fast design element navigation in Domino Designer

We are pleased to announce a new product which enables developers to quickly navigate IBM Lotus Notes and Domino template design elements (including, but not limited to, LotusScript, Java, Notes Formula Language and XPages).

The new product, called "EZ Notes Search: Designer", is available now.  There is also a trial version available.

With this tool, developers can index the design elements in one or more templates (or databases) and search them all at once using Microsoft Windows search.  This provides a fast and powerful new way to navigate from one design element to another when using IBM Lotus Domino Designer.  In addition, the developer can preview the content of a design element using the Microsoft Search preview window where a text based rendering of the design element code and properties will be displayed (without the use of IBM Lotus Domino Designer).

The index is continually updated in the background as the developer adds, modifies or deletes design elements.

To use, the developer selects the "Windows Start" button, and starts typing some design element's name or text found within the design element's code and results will instantly be displayed as the user is typing.  The user can then click on one of the search results and that design element's editing window in Domino Designer will be displayed.  

When the search results are displayed, the user can also select the "See more results" button and the Windows Search results window will be displayed.  From this window, the developer can preview individual design elements or see more meta data about the design element (Author, Modification Date, Element type, Location).

System requirements: IBM Lotus Notes (versions 7.0 to 8.5.3).  Microsoft Windows 7 (64 bit).
Optional: IBM Lotus Domino Designer (version 8.5 or later).

Visit for more information about our Search and Archiving products.