Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tip: Debugging Notes requests to the Domino server

When you need to diagnose a problem, sometimes its useful to set these two notes.ini settings:


after these are set, a console window will appear with information about each NRPC (Notes Remote Procedure Call) request made to the Domino server.  The window also displays information about the status of the request so it can give you information about why a request may be failing.  See Ask Professor Ini for more information.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tip: Searching just your Lotus Notes data using Windows Search

If you want to search your Lotus Notes data using Windows Search, you can use "EZ Notes Search" (free trial available on  After you install the product and index your content, you can execute a search by simply clicking the Windows Start button and start typing your query.  Windows Search will immediately give you some search results:

Windows Search will show you content from Lotus Notes and your hard drive.  The heading for the Lotus Notes content leaves a little to be desired, so lets change it to something a little friendlier.

To do this, click the Start button and type: Searches

Then click on the "Searches" under Programs.  This will bring up a window with the list of Search Connectors that are installed on your PC.

Select the Lotus Notes one and then using the right mouse menu, click on Properties:

Now you can change the title to whatever you want.  When you are done, click OK.  The "Apply" button is always disabled for some reason.  For this example, I changed it to "Lotus Notes".

Next, select your modified Search Connector and using the right mouse menu, Use the Send to-> Desktop (create shortcut) option.  This will create a shortcut on your desktop.  When you double click on it, a Search window will pop up that will allow you to search only your Lotus Notes content: