Thursday, December 22, 2011

Come visit us at Lotusphere 2012 in the Product Showcase (#535)

We will be returning to the IBM Lotusphere(R) Product Showcase again this year to demonstrate EZ Notes Search (our connector for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Search) and our new archiving products for IBM(R) Lotus(R) Domino(R) databases and IBM Lotus Quickr(R) using Symantec(TM) Enterprise Vault(TM).

We will be talking about our archiving products just before Lotusphere on a Symantec sponsored webcast: Symantec Enterprise Vault – Building Strategic Partnerships to Complement IBM Lotus Solutions.  We hope you can attend.

IBM, Lotusphere, Lotus, Domino, and Quickr are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide.

Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Symantec and Enterprise Vault are trademarks of Symantec Corporation.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

EZ Notes Search and Notes 8.5.3 Work Well Together

With the release of IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.3, EZ Notes Search users can now use the Windows Search option inside of Notes to search their local mail, archives, contacts and other databases as well as their local files simultaneously using a simple to use search interface.  Of course, EZ Notes Search users can still use the standard Windows Search user interfaces as well which will also provide you with the ability to preview your Notes documents and attachments.

To use Windows Search in Notes, select Windows Search from the Search drop down menu:

Then enter your query and hit enter and you will get search results from your hard drive as well as from your mail, archives and databases:

Once you find the document, simply double click on the item and it will be opened for you in Notes.

A video demonstration of EZ Notes Search is available on YouTube.

You can download a trial version and can purchase EZ Notes Search on

Thursday, August 25, 2011

EZ Notes Search: Server Mail Edition Now Available

With the release of EZ Notes Search V2.1, we have added a new product to our product family which enables IBM Lotus Notes users to search their email using Microsoft Windows Search without the need to have a local replica database. 

EZ Notes Search: Server Mail Edition is ideal for LAN based PCs where you don't want to keep a full text index on the IBM Lotus Domino server. 

The user will get these standard EZ Notes Search features:
  • The ability to search their files and Lotus Notes email simultaneously using the Microsoft Windows Search user interface.  With this interface the user only has to click once and start typing and they will instantly see search results.
  • Search results preview - mail messages and attachments can be previewed from the search results window.  Attachment previewing requires that the appropriate preview software has been installed.
  • Support on Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (requires Windows Desktop Search 4.0) and Microsoft Windows 7 (x86-32 and x86-64 are both supported)
With EZ Notes Search: Server Mail you simply install the product on the client.  There is no additional configuration required.  The product will automatically find the user's email database on the server and start indexing the user's mail and attachments in the background.

This software can be purchased on our online store:

Of course we still offer our local replica based EZ Notes Search products.  These are available on  There is a video demonstration available here.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

EZ Notes Search V2.1 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the general availability of V2.1 of EZ Notes Search.  EZ Notes Search enables a user to simultaneously search their local Notes mail, archives, contacts and applications as well as the files on their computer using Microsoft Windows Search. 

EZ Notes Search V2.1 includes:
  • Improved support for Microsoft Windows XP users (search results preview now uses the native previewers if they are installed)
  • Improved indexing speed
in addition to bug fixes.

A video demonstration of EZ Notes Search is available on YouTube.

You can download a trial version and can purchase EZ Notes Search on

Monday, May 9, 2011

Subject:"Windows Search" - Searching your Notes applications can be this simple

With Windows Search (and EZ Notes Search), you can easily filter your local database searches by Subject and then preview the result.

You can also filter by To:, CC: and others. See this post for more details.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Installing EZ Notes Search From the Command Line

It is possible to install EZ Notes Search using the command line without being prompted during the installation.  To do this you must open the CMD.exe window by using the "Run as administrator" item on the right mouse menu since you must have administrative privileges to install.

The command line for the 64 bit intaller is:

msiexec /i NotesDesktopSearchConnector-x64.msi /qn ALLUSERS=""

if you want to install for just the current user or

msiexec /i NotesDesktopSearchConnector-x64.msi /qn ALLUSERS=1

if you want to install for all users (note the 1 should not be quoted).

To uninstall from the command line:

msiexec /x NotesDesktopSearchConnector-x64.msi /qn

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tip: Debugging Notes requests to the Domino server

When you need to diagnose a problem, sometimes its useful to set these two notes.ini settings:


after these are set, a console window will appear with information about each NRPC (Notes Remote Procedure Call) request made to the Domino server.  The window also displays information about the status of the request so it can give you information about why a request may be failing.  See Ask Professor Ini for more information.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tip: Searching just your Lotus Notes data using Windows Search

If you want to search your Lotus Notes data using Windows Search, you can use "EZ Notes Search" (free trial available on  After you install the product and index your content, you can execute a search by simply clicking the Windows Start button and start typing your query.  Windows Search will immediately give you some search results:

Windows Search will show you content from Lotus Notes and your hard drive.  The heading for the Lotus Notes content leaves a little to be desired, so lets change it to something a little friendlier.

To do this, click the Start button and type: Searches

Then click on the "Searches" under Programs.  This will bring up a window with the list of Search Connectors that are installed on your PC.

Select the Lotus Notes one and then using the right mouse menu, click on Properties:

Now you can change the title to whatever you want.  When you are done, click OK.  The "Apply" button is always disabled for some reason.  For this example, I changed it to "Lotus Notes".

Next, select your modified Search Connector and using the right mouse menu, Use the Send to-> Desktop (create shortcut) option.  This will create a shortcut on your desktop.  When you double click on it, a Search window will pop up that will allow you to search only your Lotus Notes content:

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fix: Launching Lotus Notes from Search Results

Some customers have experienced problems when they attempt to launch IBM Lotus Notes from the search results page by double clicking on an item, they get an error message box instead.

Upon investigation, we have found that the user had previously installed Microsoft's "Windows Desktop Search: Add-In for Lotus Notes".  This add-in is known to cause problems with Lotus Notes versions 7.X and 8.X.  Users should uninstall it when using EZ Notes Search.

To uninstall on Windows XP open the Control Panel and then open "Add or Remove Programs".  Then find "Windows Desktop Search: Add-In for Lotus Notes" and click Remove.

To uninstall on Windows 7 open the Control Panel and then click on "Uninstall a program".  Find "Windows Desktop Search: Add-In for Lotus Notes" and click Uninstall.

Friday, March 18, 2011

EZ Notes Search will be demonstrated at the New England Lotus User Group

On April 12, 2011 we are the vendor/sponsor for the New England Lotus User Group meeting in Waltham, MA.  We will be demonstrating EZ Notes Search: Mail, Archives and Applications, our add-in which allows you to search your mail, archives, attachments and applications using Windows Search.  EZ Notes Search is supported on Microsoft Windows XP, and both 32 and 64 bit editions of Microsoft Windows 7.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Using to:, from: and cc: filters with EZ Notes Search

With EZ Notes Search you can quickly find a message to a particular person.  In the search box simply type to:Tom and it will find all messages to Tom.  Similarly from:Tom and cc:Tom work as well.  You can type a portion of their name, say To:Smi and Windows Search will match all messages with "Smi" in the To: field.  All the results will appear as you are typing the string so the more characters you type, the more the results will be refined.

There are other filters you can use as well: Advanced tips for searching in Windows.  EZ Notes Search V2 currently supports the following fields: System.ItemNameDisplay, System.ItemType, System.Author, System.Kind, System.Size, System.ItemFolderPathDisplayNarrow, System.DateModified, System.Message.FromName, System.Message.HasAttachments, System.IsAttachment, System.FileName, System.ItemPathDisplay, System.ParsingName, System.Calendar.Location, System.StartDate, System.EndDate, System.Message.DateReceived, System.Message.ToName, System.Message.ToAddress, System.Message.CcName, System.Message.CcAddress.

A few other examples:

startdate:today - find today's calendar items
startdate:tomorrow - find tomorrow's calendar items
startdate:12-15-2012 - find calendar items on a particular date

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Uninstalling EZ Notes Search

If you need to uinstall EZ Notes Search, you should follow the steps in the ReadMe_EZNotesWindowsSearchConnector_InstallGuide_v2.0 found in the Notes directory where EZ Notes Search is installed.  Here is a summary of the instructions:

1. Exit Lotus Notes
2. Stop the Windows Search Service:
a. On Windows 7, this is done by clicking the start button (to do a search) and typing: view local services
b. Under Control Panel section of the search results, you will see a tool named "View local services"
c. Select the tool
d. Find "Windows Search" in the list of services.
e. Select it
f. Using the right mouse button, select Stop
3. If you are uninstalling a V1.X version of the product use the Task Manager to end the EZNMON.exe application if it is running.  EZNMON.exe may request a login but just leave the prompt open until you have started to uinstall the program.
4. If you are uninstalling a V1.5 Beta or V2.0 version of the product select the Show Hidden Icons in the lower right corner.  Select the EZNConnector.exe.  Once the application is visible you must use the File menu and then the Exit menu item to close the application.  If you use the Close X icon, the the application will be hidden again.
5. Now use the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs to remove the EZ Notes Windows Search Connector application.

You should reboot your computer before attempting to install the full licensed version.