Friday, October 29, 2010

EZ Notes Search - Windows Search for Lotus Notes

Search your mail, archives, attachments and files with one click!

  • Designed for use with Microsoft® Windows® Search
  • Allows users to search their Lotus Notes mail, archives, and attachments using Windows® Search.
  • Search your mail, archives and attachments within Lotus Notes® plus the content on your computer at the same time without the need for Lotus Notes to be open.
  • Open attachments without opening the Note first.
  • Previews Lotus Notes content and attachments using the Microsoft® Search preview pane.
  • Keeps your index up-to-date without interrupting your normal activities by indexing when CPU resources are free.
The EZ Notes Connector for Windows® Search works in conjunction with the Windows® Search facility (included with Microsoft Windows® 7 and added to XP with Microsoft Windows® Desktop Search 4.0) to index your IBM Lotus Notes content, so it can be searched at the same time as all the other content on your computer's hard drive. Messages and their attachments are indexed separately and returned as separate search results.
The connector will automatically index any local mail files or mail archives found in your Lotus Notes data directory or any subdirectory. In order to index local mail or local archives not found in your Lotus Notes data directory or subdirectory. Only mail files, including archives, are supported at this time.
This software is supported on Microsoft Windows® 7 and XP. The user installing the software must be an administrator on the machine. Any version of Lotus Notes 6.5 to 8.5.3 will work with this software. The software will only index local mail files including archives. In order to preview Microsoft Office attachments, you must have Microsoft office installed.

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